17 November 2008

Recent Works (Next to me a cigarette and behind me the galloping mustang takes flight. Ahead of me the encompassing horizon, which we are.)

08/2008 Exhibit
Blend Coffeehouse & Cafe, 2327 E Burnside St, Portland, OR

Tin Cruiser Pockets of Oranges, 2007
11x15 (acrylic, gouache, ink drawing, vellum) $280

Terrain Features, 2008
11x15 (gouache, pastel, ink, wire, staples) $300

Droplets on Binding, 2008

11x15 - (gouache, wine, toothpick, string, staples, photo/negative) $300

Blood Orange, 2007

15x22 (gouache, pastel, charcoal) $360 SOLD

Orders, 2007

8x13 (gouache, wine, charcoal, pencil) Not for sale

Falling Berries, 2007

22x30 (gouache, ink and wine washes) SOLD $440