Justine Reimnitz

21 September 2010

Two Little Diggers

Hi! I'm Leukos Chrysomelas and I am the cutest puppy ever.

In my spare time I like to dig holes in my backyard. I'm a really fast digger.

My bunny likes to dig too.

Bunny sucks at digging though. Don't tell him I said that.

Surprise sucker! The bunny didn't know that he was digging his own grave. Stupid bunny.

Thanks for stopping by to see my work. Next time I will show you how I herd random objects and put them in neat piles in the middle of the floor. I love being a puppy!


27 October 2009

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend

Recent Prints
printed at PSU printmaking studio, Portland, OR
and Frogman's Press, Vermillion, SD

Army Achievement, 2008
23x18 (lithograph)

Burying the Bodies, 2009
19x15 (screenprint)

17 November 2008

Recent Works (Next to me a cigarette and behind me the galloping mustang takes flight. Ahead of me the encompassing horizon, which we are.)

08/2008 Exhibit
Blend Coffeehouse & Cafe, 2327 E Burnside St, Portland, OR

Tin Cruiser Pockets of Oranges, 2007
11x15 (acrylic, gouache, ink drawing, vellum) $280

Terrain Features, 2008
11x15 (gouache, pastel, ink, wire, staples) $300

Droplets on Binding, 2008

11x15 - (gouache, wine, toothpick, string, staples, photo/negative) $300

Blood Orange, 2007

15x22 (gouache, pastel, charcoal) $360 SOLD

Orders, 2007

8x13 (gouache, wine, charcoal, pencil) Not for sale

Falling Berries, 2007

22x30 (gouache, ink and wine washes) SOLD $440